Mountain Dew and Video Games

Mountain Dew and Video games.

I see more and more players these days playing video games and drinking mountain dew (sugary drinks). Two of the worst habits I have seen. Kids need to learn how to communicate with adults much better and not hide behind the latest video game or smart phone. Mountain dew has one of the highest sugar contents around. It takes out your wind. What happened to water??? Guess I am old school here or more like proper school. How about parents teach their kids about manners, respecting adults, not trying to be right always about somethings that really don’t matter. How about boys open the doors for girls, being kind to the elderly, helping a neighbor out and not having the expectation that they will get paid. How about not trying to be “big man on campus”. How about helping someone with their homework. How about not having pride and asking for help when we need it instead of continually doing it the wrong way? How about sticking up for someone who is being bullied? I grew up in the country, played hoop on gravel and a rim on a barn with no net. We wore old running shoes with holes in our socks. It didn’t matter because I loved the greatest game in the world. Kids need to be taught that what ever circumstances they have been given, to learn from them. Eventually they will be able to help someone down the road who is going through a similar situation that they are going through and hopefully be able to make a positive impact.

What ever happened to you go to school where you live? You don’t transfer schools yearly to find the best hoop program for your son or daughter. How come it is always the coaches fault? The coach doesn’t understand MY game or MY talent? More likely your mom or dad thinks you are the second person to walk on water and can go no wrong. How come when these kids make mistakes they have a penalty and learn from it? When I was young it was called the wooden spoon on my bare butt. What???? that is child abuse!!! Oh brother!!! Get over it. Time outs??? Those are for games not rearing children. The level of disrespect I have seen at games is unbelievable. So now it is the referee’s fault that your kid can’t figure out how to play hard without mugging the opponent.

After I finished playing in college I sat down with my dad and asked him if he had ever thought about talking to my high school coach like some of the other parents. He lowered his paper and gave me the stupidest look I’ve ever got…He said “does he tell me how to parent”? He stays in his field and I stay in mine. You give him 100% respect and work hard and good things will happen….the paper slowly went up and it was a lesson I tell 30 years later. I lost my staring spot midway through my senior year to a dynamic sophomore and never got it back. I was then 6th man off the bench. It hurt. I increased my workout routines, jumping rope, weight lifting and I still was 6th man. We laugh about it now but I was extremely determined. We usually play at Christmas every year down in Tacoma and I still get cranked up when we guard each other. I respect his game still but it certainly doesn’t mean I don’t fight him for every point (even at 50).

Life should be simple for kids. We as parents are really making it hard. How about your kids play where they live and maybe not win a championship vs. winning a championship that has been tainted by having all your AAU friends transfer in? It is a lame way of thinking. Ever hear of Joe Harris who played at a small school in Washington state? His pro teammates included Lebron James and Kyrie Irving. Ever hear of Luke Ridnour? Small school in Blaine, WA ended playing in the NBA. If your son or daughter has what it takes they will get noticed. Isn’t it more important to teach them how to be a gentleman or lady, how to handle conflict, how to manage a checkbook? How in the world do we have rapes on campuses? Parents do you really know who your children are influenced by? Basketball is a microcosm of life. How they are taught to handle fans, teammates, opposing players, referees is all a small window into life. Values are learned through watching parents parent. We all are along way from being the perfect parent. We have all made mistakes along our journey. Why do kids have to have the latest cool shoes? The latest fashions? We are teaching our children the wrong thing folks. Do you realize you are training someone’s future husband or wife? We are setting them up for failure because we are failing to recognize our own imperfections in our ways of thinking.

Teach your children how to look someone in the eye, shake their hand and ask them about their day. How about at the family dinner table going around and engaging your children about any issues they are having with friends or life in general.

Mountain Dew and Video games aren’t the issue. Those are called “fruits” of the “roots”.

Coach Hume
Grace Academy Girls Coach Marysville, WA


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