The goal of customer service

The goal of customer service should always be excellence. The value of great customer service can never be underestimated. The customer isn’t always right as the saying goes. But the companies job is to make them feel like they are. My thought process is always respond as quickly as possible to new leads. Email is fine but phone provides a personal touch that sometimes can’t be felt through emails. Of course there will be numerous variable here but the person is looking for something and from someone. Our job is to bring them quickly to a resolve that your company will best suit their needs for the best price and service anywhere on the planet. In some cases clients will pay a higher price for great customer service.

Here are some basics:

1. The employee must know their stuff
2. Always answer with a smile
3. Get on the clients level and use some of the same words if possible to reiterate what they are saying
4. Respond as quickly as possible.
5. Give as much information as necessary but not the whole carrot. Get buy in gradually. Show the value.
6. Mobile devices make a huge impact if you can respond and answer questions from anywhere but within reason

As I have worked with various companies over the years I have been impressed with owners who live the passion of customer service. It is a trickle down effect on customer relations and potential further sales.

The goal of customer service should always be excellence, efficiency, timeliness and satisfaction on the clients part.

Steven Hume

Hume Management & Consulting




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