Hume Management and Consulting. A Business Consulting and SEO Company.

Hume Management and Consulting

Hume Management and Consulting is a Business Consulting and SEO company.

Our Business Consulting approach consists of two stages:

First, we use the four legs of the Balanced Scorecard as our strategy performance tool.  These four tools help form a results based management focus.

1. Customer Focus
2. Internal Business Processes
3. Financial Management
4. Knowledge, Education and Growth Processes

Second, as a SEO Company, we use the Internet and all its capabilities to increase your page rank and more importantly increase the right traffic to your web site.  The right traffic produces measurable results.  We key in on the following areas:

1. Internet marketing strategies
2. Keyword research and analysis
3. Content development
4. Web development
5. Pay Per Click Models

Hume Management and  Consulting offers a two-pronged approach for your business. Our Business Consulting approach takes open and honest communication to thrive.  It takes data.  Our SEO side takes tremendous research and time.  Most owners started their business because they had a passion, but along the way they never took the time to understand how much really goes into running a successful business.  One can not do a great job without the other.  We offer both!  Hume Management and Consulting’s success depends upon yours!

We look forward to learning more about how to partner with your business.

Hume Management and Consulting, a Business Consulting and SEO Company.


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